Informasi Penerimaan Mahasiswa Jalur Mandiri Universitas Andalas melalui Jalur SMMPTN Barat dan PMB D3 dan Intake D3 Fakultas Ekonomi  Klik tombol ini :
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“To become one of the Institutions producing excellent Doctor in Medical Sciences in Indonesia by the year of 2020 on the basis of Bio-molecular Engineering in the health aspect based on the noble values


  1. To organize education in Medical Sciences to produce virtuous Doctoral and to participate in the development.

  2. To focus on research of bio-molecular aspect related to health issues, especially related to health problems in Indonesia

  3. To promote the transfer of technology in the field of medical science, especially in bio-molecular aspect related to health issues for the social welfare.

  4. To promote, prepare and carry out the research in the field of medical science with worthy publication in national and international media that can patented.

  5. To establish and cooperate with various institutions both in Indonesia and abroad to produce joint research among the institutions.