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Welcome from the Rector of Andalas University

Welcome !

Our praise and gratitude to Allah SWT on completion of the new website of Andalas University. The new website was developed to provide a better means for the dissemination of activities, events, accomplishments, and a variety of information about University of Andalas.

The new website is expected as a symbol that reflects the spirit of the academic community to materialize our vision of becoming a prominent and dignified university. It is our communal desire at Andalas University which must be achieved by strong determination of all stakeholders that focuses on the aspects of quality, effectiveness and efficiency. As a higher education institution, Andalas University performs its role and function under its business processes that caps a three related items, namely the three responsibilities (Tri Dharma) of higher education namely education, research and community services. Implementation of the roles and functions of the three responsibilities of higher education is expected to help us providing solutions to solve the nation's problems.

As the oldest university outside Java, Andalas University has many challenges and opportunities in its activities. We felt more challenges and opportunities in globalization era today, particularly with the commencement of the Asian Economic Community (AEC). Unand will be responsive to varieties of internal and external dynamics that will affect our future. Therefore every human resrouces in Unand are demanded to be proactive and having collegial attitude in running our priority programs to leverage pur existence in global competition. We will always improve the quality of human resources of educators and education personnel. It is a requirement to meet the standards of quality in educational institutions both nationally and internationally, which in turn will affect the recognition of any assessments of higher education institutions.

Andalas University has major potential and opportunity roles in the three responsibilities of higher education. Therefore, continuous improvement should be done on an ongoing basis keep the principles of Good University Governance (GUG) by promoting transparencies, accountabilities, responsibilities, independence and fairness. GUG became the principle of our stakeholders in  materialzing the good governance.

I hope you will enjoy reading this website as much as we provide news and updates of Andalas University for you, and it will be a bridge for Unand to every levels of society.


Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

Prof. Tafdil Husni, SE., MBA., PhD.