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Rector: Darmasiswa Adik Papua and 3T Region to Advance Each Region

12 September 2017

Padang (Unand) - During the celebration of Idul Adha 1438 H, Rector of Universitas Andalas met New Students of Darmasiswa Adik Papua and 3T (Outermost, Underdeveloped, Leading) Program 2017 on Friday (1/9) at House Office, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 77 Padang.

This visit was welcomed by Rector Unand Prof. Dr. Tafdil Husni, SE.MBA, Vice Rector III Prof. Dr. Hermansah, MS.M.Sc and Head of Bureau of Academic and Student Affairs Syafwardi, SE.M.Pd and other Unand leaders.

Vice Rector III Prof. Dr. Hermansah, MS., M.Sc said that this activity was a form to strengthen familyhood between Unand Leadership with students darmasiswa Adik Papua and 3T Region in 2017 which will be conducting lectures at Unand.

"Currently, there are 26 new students of Darmasiswa Adik Papua and 3T program in 2017 who carry out lectures at Unand, they also come from Sabang to Merauke". he explained.

During the lecture at Unand, these students will live in dormitories and be mentored by their seniors. As last year, Unand has implemented a tutorial system that is dedicated to students of darmasiswa.

Not only that, this darmasiswa student will be equated in the implementation of lectures in unand be it rules of order, organization and so on.

In addition to college, this student is also required to be able to develop soft skill, interests, and talents as well as his achievements both academic and nonacademic.

Moreover, Rector Unand Prof. Dr. Tafdil Husni, SE.MBA also said that This is the first time held a face-to-face meeting with New Students Darmasiswa Adik Papua and 3T Program 2017 added in the atmosphere of Idul Adha 1438 H.

The Rector explained that the Adik Scholarship Program in Papua and 3T is a government program that has been running for 5 years. And Unand is one of the public university which has appointed by Kemenristekdikti to carry out the program.

"it is a good opportunity for students of Adik Papua and 3T Region to be able to taste and study at public universities in Indonesia, including Universitas Andalas" he said.

In addition, the Rector also advised students of Adik Papua and Regional 3T to be able to finish their education as soon as possible.

"Learning from their seniors, they are required to finish the education until the graduation in time and return to the respective regions degree and experience". he added

Not only in education aspect, students are also required to be active both in academic and nonacademic.

"With the achievements it has, both academic and non academic will be useful in the future in order to promote their respective dwellings and benefit the people". the lid.

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